Thursday, March 27, 2008


This may be hard to believe but ever since Alex was born I have not taken a nap during the day... with the exception of when my mom was here and I was sick. Not to mention there is rarely the opportunity because Brayden doesn't often take a nap and if he does it seems that Alex would be awake so they were never asleep at the same time. Well today I put Brayden in his room for quiet time which means he can be in his room with books and TV and he just needs to like chill and he's been doing pretty good with this... I thought. I was especially tired today so I took a nap too, Yippy for me. However this is what I woke up to find...

Doesn't he look so sweet sleeping there... NOT

Yes this would be almost everything contained in the

dresser in his room not to mention his basket of socks

oh and don't forget the diaper basket. But look on the bright

side he didn't empty the hamper =).

yes there is a humidifier in there somewhere ... nice

yes it is hard to watch TV when there is Desitin smeared
all over the screen, oh and yes it is necessary to
scale the dresser and lean over to the shelf to
reach the TV... and I would have taken a picture
of the wall to if I thought the Desitin smeared all
over that would show up but it is white on white you
know. So much for that brand new tube of butt cream.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Moore Family Easter

Here's more pictures of Brayden making

a huge mess coloring eggs. Check out those green
monster hands. Unfortunately I don't have
pictures of our egg hunt just video of that.

The weekend before Easter Brayden, Alex and I went to the Clay

Center childrens museum for and easter celebration

there. We got to hunt for eggs, made paper bunny ears

and Brayden's favorite part, get a chocolate Easter bunny.

Well we hope you all had a nice Easter this year. We are grateful for this holiday in which we get to remember and reflect of the awesome gift of the atonement. We are so grateful for the Savior and the sacrafice he made for each and everyone of us so that one day we can live again!!!
Love you all and God Bless.

Moore Easter

This is the pumpkin girl in her easter outfit after
just getting home from church... you can really only see the fancy
bow but that is the best part... isn't she cute.

Daddy was on call and pretty much worked all

weekend so he and sister (which is what Brayden

and I call Alex) chilled on a blanket while Brayden and I colored eggs.

Brayden really enjoyed coloring eggs

and making a big huge mess. His hands were green

after it was all over, we called them monster hands

Friday, March 21, 2008

New to this

Hey I just want to keep in touch with family and friends who may be far far away and already I find this process extremely anerving. Being on the computer in general is just a major time sucker, it's already midnight and I haven't even started putting together the easter baskets like I wanted to... not to mention all the other stuff I didn't get to around the house and I really should be sleeping. But I am so anxious to set up this webpage to that others can share in the joys of our family so I hope this turns out to be a success... eventually, and I wish you all a happy easter weekend!!!

Oh But of course I had to add a picture of the cutie girl first (it only took me like a half an hour to get it right)

Our Family Stars