Sunday, October 26, 2008

My silly children

My DIRTY Goblin Boy
My SNorty MonKey GirL

A day at the circus

I don't recall that I've actually ever been to a real circus before so this was a new thing for not only the kids but me too. We won tickets to the circus through our playgroup and so our trip was free... even better. But acutally it was a pretty good show, see for yourselves.

Brayden's first cotton candy... he liked it alot.

I loved the tigers they are so pretty!

I didn't catch a picture of it but they jumped through a ring of fire!

We were seated up pretty high so these babes were pretty close to us. Although I don't quite get the bra's showing underneath their costumes....???????? And it wasn't just like one of them it was all of them... I guess at least they were coordinated.

These guys were pretty impressive...

Brayden and his friend Ethan using their cotton candy sticks

as swords during intermission, the older ladies sitting

near us thought this was pretty cute. Boys will be boys...

Two cuties!

Gotta love Brayden posing so nicely so we can get that rare shot as a family.

It was a really nice day spent together as a family... which is really rare around here!!!

Fun had by all. And Alex was really good during the whole show... it was pretty long!

This motorcycle ball thing was totally crazy... I have never heard of them having 7 motorcycles in there. I was totally on the edge of my seat and like sick to my stomach with worry.... it was way loud but super cool. The big finale!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hands on Museum

We are members at the local children's museum...again. Hey you gotta have somewhere to go when the cabin fever hits. They just opened the new dinosaur exhibit and it's pretty cool... see for yourself. They are all robotic and move around and rrrrrrr too. Brayden wouldn't stand closer so I could get a good picture... he was a little scared.

We really likes this one it's the robot dinosaur without it's
covering and you can push these buttons to make different parts of it move.

Brayden has found his new favorite part of the museum... the grocery store. He fills his cart overflowing and then I have to check him out at the register. It's pretty funny he must take after me I guess, I have an addiction to grocery shopping.

Hey did I mention the dinosaurs were coming!

Yeah a rare picture of me. I don't have lots of pictures of me and even rarer I never post them 1. I hate to be photographed and 2. I'm usually the one behind the camera. I'm holding it out in front of me so I'm behind and in front of the camera... and the monkey girl in her sling... gosh I absolutely love that thing and use it all the time!!!!! I highly recommend it, it's a hotsling.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Halloween Pumpkins

Pumpkin picking has become a yearly tradition in our house. This year it was the economical version. We didn't go to any of the corn maze pumpkin patch farms in the area because we heard most of them were lame and you had to pay to get into all of them... even more lame. So we bought 3 mini pumpkins at this church down the road for 2.50, went to Sonic for ice cream sundaes and bought 2 bigger pumpkins from the local grocery store for less than 10. I guess the kids are still to young to know the difference between economical pumpkin picking and extravagant pumpkin picking...

The finished product!!! What do you think?

Is that a ghost or is it just Brayden?

Our Family Stars