Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's been too long

I haven't been on here in a while so here is a
collection of recent random pictures. Enjoy!
Pumpkin all dressed up for a day of hangin out with friends...
It's been hot here so I'm stayin cool in this summer dress.
Bub and Sara downtown Charleston for the Elephant
walk, it wasn't all that but Bub enjoyed it!
Oh all dressed up for church on Sunday,
I just love this dress and fluffy bow.


Yeah I was just trying this out to see if it would actually
work, so if successful I will be creating more videos ... how fun huh?
This is just us hangin out on the porch, enjoying our nice weather.
Yeah it's not that exciting but like I said it's just a test!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Christopher's Visit

Christopher came to visit during his spring break and got to see his sister for the first time. I'm sorry to say that I wasn't really the best time considering we all were pretty sick. But we did try to make the most of it. Mostly Christopher had fun vegging in front of the TV and playing with the dogs who love him so much. Mooch was his sidekick and followed him around everywhere!!! He was a great help to have around cause he would look after Brayden while I fed the baby or took care of things around the house which Brayden usually makes impossible... So thanks Christopher it was really nice to have you here and we'll have more fun next time. (Gosh he is getting so big!!!)

It was pretty funny hearing Brayden say Christophers name.

Christopher and his best pals; Mooch and Pickle.


We are starting to finally get over our illnesses and look forward to rejoining the real world again; seeing our friends and getting out. This weather has been ugly too so I guess we haven't been missing out on much as far as that goes. We are looking forward to warmer, sunnier, healthier days.

Ah, they're both asleep in my bed... at the same
time no less; couldn't ask for anything more!!!!

Instead of squishing my sisters nose I decided to squish my own!
I'm such a happy girl =)!!!!!

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