Monday, July 26, 2010

By the Way...

It's a GIRL!!!!!!! 

oh and you won't being seeing pics of me anytime soon cause now I'm just FAT!!!!

Exploring MN

Our first outing was to Como Zoo and Conservatory.  There were lots of beautiful flowers and the landscape was awesome.  The zoo was just ok, I hear the minneapolis zoo is where it's at. There is also a small amusement park for kids called Como town  but by the time we got there we were already exhausted, our dogs were bark'in not to mention it was HOT!!!!!  But the best park it was free!!!!!
In the fern garden
This room was called the floating garden, it was amazing!!!!!  One of my favorites...
It smelled amazing in here....
The Japanese Garden was outside... this was my other favorite!
It even had a beautiful waterfall!
Our last stop was the butterfly garden.... there were so many butterflies in there.  At first sister was scared, she wouldn't let me put her down... lol. 

The Conservatory... I swear I have seen this place in some movie....
Lego World at Mall of America.... our first stop was at Ikea which is across the street where I thoroughly enjoyed some Swedish meatballs and bought the kids a lil table, something I have wanted for years.  After leaving the mall we really felt like we didn't do anything since you spent most of your time walking around the place.  Before we left we let the kids go on a couple of rides in the center of the mall otherwise know as Nickelodeon Universe.... that's a rip off!!!!!!!
By the way these guys are made completely out of Lego's...
Sunday after church we somehow found ourselves downtown Minneapolis, we walked Nicollet Mall which is a popular street down there with lots of sidewalk restaurants and stores.... towards the west end of Nicollet Mall is this wonderful walkway through these apartments with flowers and fountains and even a playground ...  the kids had a blast!!!!  The walkway takes you right to Loring Park, a really large park downtown.  On our way back we stopped and enjoyed an outdoor concert next to the orchestra hall.... it was a beautiful day!
The Minneapolis Science Museum....Brayden is sitting by the tower our built.  We got in free here with our WNC pass... gotta love that!!!!!

I didn't have any pictures of our trip to the beach but that was fun too.... there are 3 lakes right downtown with trails around them and several beachfronts.  The kids loved that!!!!!  And we found this really awesome pool near our house with all this fun play stuff for the kids.... I bought a pass and have been there a couple times with the kids!!!  Brayden is doing soccer twice a week and we have swimming M-Th.... it kind of exhausting!!!!  Brayden just loves swimming he's quite the little fish!
We haven't made any friends yet and are really missing our TN buds!  The kids still talk about you guys =(.  I'm not totally impressed with our ward here it's small compared to JC, and it doesn't seem like the girls get together for playdates and mom's nights and stuff.  I'm gonna talk to the RS president about getting something going so maybe I can livin up this place.... Love you all.....

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