Friday, June 20, 2008

blogging trials...PLEASE HELP

Heys guys for real I'be been at this computer for hours and truely I can't figure out how to change my template. U's guys all have such fun and cute templates or backgrounds and I just can't figure out how to do it. HELP ME PLEASE... I can't stand this dark page with these dot's anymore...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Getting to know our new home

Brayden get'n dressed up at the children's museum
get'n to know Coral the snake
Oh more fish.
Downtown Jonesburough at this crazy eclectic country cafe
We kept telling Brayden that if he didn't behave himself
and eat his dinner, this woman in the window would come out and get him.
He kept asking "where's the lady at?"

Crazy daddy
It's hard to see but Brayden is watching the live music up close. He was so cute; he started dancing and then when they were done with their song he started clapping and saying YEAH. Everybody in the cafe thought this was very cute.
Scary daddy.

Big foot sighting.

This was at the mall in Johnson city.... LAME mall!!!! Although it has this cool tramp thing. Brayden saw another little boy doing it and said he wanted to do it too. He got up really high, it was so cool and he had such a good time doing it. Even though it was $6 for 2 min... rip off.

Tennese Here We Come.

Our new home in Johnson city. It's kinds small but the dogs will love the yard. Not looking forward to unpacking ... did I mention that I hate moving!!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kory and Nicole's Graduation weekend in Kentucky

The girls; Jessica, Alex, Nicole and me.
The girls plus Kory.
These 2 are KRAZY!!!!! You can just see it in their eyes... watch out!
Lexi and Alex... she could really make Alex laugh.
Brayden couldn't get enough of these popsicles.
We would chase Brayden around the house and scare him. This provided hours of entertainment and lots of laughs. Although Nana didn't think so.
Brayden loves watching and feeding Grandpa's fish.

Jessie and Alex.
Nicole and Alex
The girls cookin for the partay.
Always a happy baby.
Brayden and Jessie are Buds.
Congrats Nicole and Kory. Happy Graduation!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A day at the pool

Last Friday for playgroup we spent it at the pool.
Brayden loved playing with the water like he always does
dumping water back and forth with his buckets and cups.
However, he didn't really want to get into the deeper water with
me, it was kind of a bummer we even wanted to try out his
floaty suit. When I carried him into the water he just whinned and
cried about it and I laughed, the other girls thought I got too much
pleasure out of this, haha. So Bub didn't like the swimming but
Pumpkin got in with me, she liked it and it was even pretty cold!!!!
Fun times...
Oh and a little side note. Pumpkin aka punky monkey (that's my new one)
went to the doctor this past monday for her 4mo check up and the
doctor told me that under 6mo you don't use sunscreen but you can use diaper
cream with zinc oxide, this is news to me just thought this might be helpful info
that is if your as clueless as I am. Too bad I didn't know this before out
pool daysince I slathered her in sunscreen from head to toe!!!!!
Brayden and Hyrum!
HOT mama!!!!!

We love our WV friends, pictured Ethan and Shailee.
We're at Ethan's new pool!!
Just fun times with our friends!!!!!

Hangin with Uncle Kurtie

(these are all out of order but you get the picture,
just be glad I got them on here... using the
computer period has been a challenge these days.)

nice shades huh?
Brayden had his shades on at the park and apparently
fell right on his face and got that boo-boo you
see right in the middle of his head!
(I say apparently b/c the fall was unwitnessed)

yeah I hate being in pictures!!!!!! there aren't many.

pumpkin kisses!!!!
he's such a big boy now!!!!!


Gotta love West Virginia... so far I've killed 2 of these spiders in our house!!!!!! GROSS

yeah I know its out of focus, blame it on my lousy camera but you get the point right?
There was also a large centipede lookin thing with long antennae and lots of long legs and it was just a little bit bigger than this spider I had to smash it with one of Justin's shoes... again GROSS!!!!!!!

couch potatoes

My 2 favorite people in our favorite spot!!!!!!!!!

cuddling cough potatoes!!!

Our Family Stars