Saturday, April 5, 2008


We are starting to finally get over our illnesses and look forward to rejoining the real world again; seeing our friends and getting out. This weather has been ugly too so I guess we haven't been missing out on much as far as that goes. We are looking forward to warmer, sunnier, healthier days.

Ah, they're both asleep in my bed... at the same
time no less; couldn't ask for anything more!!!!

Instead of squishing my sisters nose I decided to squish my own!
I'm such a happy girl =)!!!!!


the Getschers said...

Bummer girl! You should have called me if you were sick so I could take the kids! Glad you're better though.

Kurt said...

This is a good one, she is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

gramma said...

She's a smiley one. And I love you soooooooo much.

gramma said...

I just want to kiss those little cheeks a billion times.

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