Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hands on Museum

We are members at the local children's museum...again. Hey you gotta have somewhere to go when the cabin fever hits. They just opened the new dinosaur exhibit and it's pretty cool... see for yourself. They are all robotic and move around and rrrrrrr too. Brayden wouldn't stand closer so I could get a good picture... he was a little scared.

We really likes this one it's the robot dinosaur without it's
covering and you can push these buttons to make different parts of it move.

Brayden has found his new favorite part of the museum... the grocery store. He fills his cart overflowing and then I have to check him out at the register. It's pretty funny he must take after me I guess, I have an addiction to grocery shopping.

Hey did I mention the dinosaurs were coming!

Yeah a rare picture of me. I don't have lots of pictures of me and even rarer I never post them 1. I hate to be photographed and 2. I'm usually the one behind the camera. I'm holding it out in front of me so I'm behind and in front of the camera... and the monkey girl in her sling... gosh I absolutely love that thing and use it all the time!!!!! I highly recommend it, it's a hotsling.


Middleton Family said...

Hey thanks for the heads up on the photo website. I had wondered about how people did that stuff but never looked into it!
When we went to this science muesum in Nashville they had the same dino and Nathan was freaked by it. He would stay at a certain distance from it. Rex does look and sound pretty real!

the Getschers said...

So fun, you guys are all so cute! Hey, maybe you and Brayden should go grocery shopping for me, I hate it! :)

gramma said...

mommy and the Binky girl, My two cuties.

gramma said...

Brayden looks like he's alone with the Dinasaurs SCARRY!!!!
He's getting soooo big.

He's so blonde with a cute little tan.

LOVE YOU Punkin Boy!!!!! It's almost your Special day cooming sooooon!!! A BIG 3

gramma said...

Braydens very serious at the grocery store. per usual

gramma said...

what a little blondeee Brayden is.

Krissy said...

Hotslings ARE great, aren't they!? I LOVE my Moby Wraps... but they don't have the pretty fabrics like Hotslings do. lol :) Natalie loves the grocery at Hands On too! I need to renew our membership.

gramma said...

Please send me that pic of you and Binky

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