Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's been a long long time...

I guess it's been awhile... so I wasted a beautiful day getting into my memory cards, playlists and slideshows... once you get started you just can't stop, ya know. So I'll try to go back and post some important things like easter and birthdays and the like. Since my last post we've had our ups and downs that's for sure, but for the most part life here in eastern Tennesse is treating us very well. We have lot's to be thankful for ... unfortunately we might be moving again in a year due to Justin's job, fellowship might take us elsewhere. This makes me sad since we will have to leave behind a house we love, a garden we have spend many hours of labor in and have grown to love and finally many many friends we care for. But such is life ... we will definately be enjoying our next year here and sucking it up for all it's worth. The kids are getting so big and they are both so independent! Brayden is 3 and 1/2 years old; he pours his own juice, rides his trike like a maniac and asks "WHY?" about absolutely everything!!!! Sister is almost 16 months. She is walking and climbing all over the place, she talks now, and even throws a tantrum or two, it's really cute actually (how do they learn how to do that anyway). So tune in for future or should I say past updates. Love you all and miss you all when your not around!

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the Getschers said...

Hey, hey! I've been wondering how you guys are! The kids are SO big and so cute!! I've been thinking about you guys lately... Ethan has been saying that he misses Brayden and that's he's his best friend which is very out of the blue since we haven't seen you guys in ages. So good to hear from you!

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