Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

A day at the Knoxville Zoo with the "wild" animals ...

Mom and Bub

Sista Wista

up close with the gorillas
check'n out the muskrats

monkey check'n us out

in the butterfly garden

this was one of our zoo favorites

the entertaining reptiles

totally tubular tortoise

i'm almost at big as a condor

would you like to share out snack

and now for the real "wild" animals
It was a really fun day and free since we have a wild nc membership... can't beat that. The kids had a blast and we gotta see alot of cool animals. The butterfly garden was the best since Brayden has an obsession with bugs and most recently catapillars.


jessica said...

You are SOO blessed! Your kids are awesome! LOVE the photo of you looking at the's worth a million words!

jessica said...
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