Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I would love to win a Viking Serger

I haven't been sewing and creating for very long and would have never started if it hadn't been for an older sewing machine I inherited from my aunt.  I technically haven't made anything with a pattern yet and just create stuff on my own.  I get ideas from all over and just create things.  My favorite things to make are cutie girly stuff for my little angel Alex, aka sista wista.  It's a good thing we have another girl on the way because then this girly craftiness can continue.  One day I would love to start my own line of girly stuff and sell it in some quaint boutique somewhere or even better have my own quaint boutique somewhere.  For now I'm busy caring for my family and just create for my family and friends.  I'm the kinda girl who works with what I got and makes the best of it.  I have dreamt about someday having a serger but know that this will probably not happen anytime soon unless I'm blessed with this wonderful, out of this world giveaway!  And then I will be that much closer to realizing that someday dream.... Thank you for your consideration!


Leah said...

so is this your submission to a contest you entered or are you submitting to us why you would like us all to go into together and purchase you one?

moorefamily said...

no it's for a contest.... lol!

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