Sunday, August 31, 2008

Finally some pictures from TN

Well I finally got my new camera and I'm very much enjoying it.
Here are some pictures of us enjoying the backyard. I can't tell
you how absolutely awesome it is to have a yard with a fence.
Brayden and Mooch can't get enough of it!!! Brayden goes out there
all by himself; he either climbs through the doggie door or goes into
the garage and opens the garage door... thank goodness there is a fence!!!!

The monkey girl playing in her excersaucer, it's so nice to have these

contraptions to put your little ones in!! She really enjoys it too, we missed

these when we were at my moms for a whole month.

Brayden is always wet from playing with the hose and sprinklers

(he knows how to work that all by himself too).

We finally got a lawnmower so we can trim this jungle we got goin on.

Lawn care, something we've never had to worry about before.

Brayden's excited about it, can't say that for the rest of us.

Somebody was being a crab and didn't want to take a picture,

can you guess who it was?

What a switch Brayden actually suggested I get the camera so we could take

this picture, silly huh? I see a future priesthood holder in our midst.

Yeah, now he's back to his old tricks, that didn't last very long.

Yeah see here's the Brayden we're used to. The one who isn't so crazy

about his sister. I'm not quite sure what he's doing here.

He mostly just ignores her so at least he is paying attention to her... right?

This monkey girl sure loves to eat!!!

Especially Mommies homemade baby food, yum (that and yo baby yogurt!)

Fun times in the bathtub. These too are both water babies
and now they get to enjoy the bathtub together, it's so fun watching
them in the tubber together. And you gotta love that bumbo chair it's
got like a million different uses but in the water happens to be my favorite!!!

Brayden up to his tricks again. Despite his antics she just loves her brother!

Just look at those lips!!!

There you go grandma hope you enjoy those pics, We love you and miss you.

Any time I say "how's come?" He says "and I love granma too."


the Getschers said...

Cute pictures! Brayden is getting so big and Alexandra is SO STINKIN CUTE. I LOVE the little fuzz hair! So so so so so cute!!!

gramma said...

Just LOVE the new pictures!!!!!!!
I had a picture of Brayden with a towel on his head on my old phone for ever. Binky girl is the cutest with the towel. got a have it.

gramma said...

she's such a HAPPY BINKY GIRL!!!
I just want to kiss her to death.

gramma said...

Justin looks happy with his 2 little ones.

gramma said...


gramma said...

HOWZ COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Blair's said...

Thanks so much for all your sweet comments! You guys look great. I can't believe how the kids change so quickly. Alexandra is beautiful and I just want to squeeze Brayden.

Middleton Family said...

The kids look so grown up and happy! I am so jealous you have a fenced in backyard. Well I don't get internet until next Thurs, and I am dying. We are at the laundry mat right now, and it has wireless. I will give you a call this week!

gramma said...

these picturs don't do justice to Binkys' blue blue eyes.

Jenny said...

what sassy kids! What a great idea..we didn't try our bumbo in the bath tub, but with the next kid we will:) Miss you guys.

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