Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas....

Some festive Christmas pictures... followed by snow = white Christmas...
This is our real tree... I love it!!!!! Finally used the
real ornaments I inherited from my childhood....
I know it's a little scary with kids but so far so good...
except for the when the tree fell over on top of me,
I was adjusting it right after we got done decorating.
Justin helped save it... only a few ornaments were lost.
I don't know what it is with us and our trees falling over.
The tree in the kids room

I love this pic... Brayden fell asleep on the couch, and with Pickle too...priceless

It's snowed today!!!!! I can't believe it!!!!!! Brayden informed me right when he got up and he had to go outside and play right away..... so we all layered up some clothes over our jams and got to it!!!! Fun was had by all.... including and especially by the doggies!!!!!

Brayden and our neighbor Carmen
sledding down the front yard
(I guess this is the one plus to having a sloped yard, lol)

I don't think sister was feelin the snow as much as Bub

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