Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A day at the pool

Last Friday for playgroup we spent it at the pool.
Brayden loved playing with the water like he always does
dumping water back and forth with his buckets and cups.
However, he didn't really want to get into the deeper water with
me, it was kind of a bummer we even wanted to try out his
floaty suit. When I carried him into the water he just whinned and
cried about it and I laughed, the other girls thought I got too much
pleasure out of this, haha. So Bub didn't like the swimming but
Pumpkin got in with me, she liked it and it was even pretty cold!!!!
Fun times...
Oh and a little side note. Pumpkin aka punky monkey (that's my new one)
went to the doctor this past monday for her 4mo check up and the
doctor told me that under 6mo you don't use sunscreen but you can use diaper
cream with zinc oxide, this is news to me just thought this might be helpful info
that is if your as clueless as I am. Too bad I didn't know this before out
pool daysince I slathered her in sunscreen from head to toe!!!!!
Brayden and Hyrum!
HOT mama!!!!!

We love our WV friends, pictured Ethan and Shailee.
We're at Ethan's new pool!!
Just fun times with our friends!!!!!


Middleton Family said...

Your kids are so cute! We love going to the pool too! I am going to go on mapquest right now and see how long it will take to get to each others houses. Call me when you get your new phone thing worked out. How fun to have Kurtie come out. Miss ya!

Middleton Family said...

UGH! 6 HOURS! I was hoping it would be about 3. Wishfull thinking! Maybe we could meet somewhere in the middle?

gramma said...

You have such a sunglass thing. She looks adorable in her shades and hat with her blue sucker. It's actually a good idea. She needs protection from reflecting rays bouncing off the water. Where are Braydens shades? Can sun screen hurt her? I don't think many people know this. I hope Brayden is not burning, he's so white, the little guy.

gramma said...

What's in Braydens big tummy could that be food or is he protein deficient? (the pic with his red suit looking at pumken)

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