Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hangin with Uncle Kurtie

(these are all out of order but you get the picture,
just be glad I got them on here... using the
computer period has been a challenge these days.)

nice shades huh?
Brayden had his shades on at the park and apparently
fell right on his face and got that boo-boo you
see right in the middle of his head!
(I say apparently b/c the fall was unwitnessed)

yeah I hate being in pictures!!!!!! there aren't many.

pumpkin kisses!!!!
he's such a big boy now!!!!!


gramma said...

She has the cutest little mouth.
YOU look great with Kurt, and Punkin looks to cute with Kurty.

gramma said...

KISSES for Bradens BO0boo

Kurt said...

She is so cute!!!!!!!!

gramma said...

She has a silly little mouth . Esp the one where your holding her and kurt is kissing her at the park.
Sometimes she looks like a doll.
(take a look at her cute little lips and the way she holds her little mouth)

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