Sunday, June 15, 2008

Getting to know our new home

Brayden get'n dressed up at the children's museum
get'n to know Coral the snake
Oh more fish.
Downtown Jonesburough at this crazy eclectic country cafe
We kept telling Brayden that if he didn't behave himself
and eat his dinner, this woman in the window would come out and get him.
He kept asking "where's the lady at?"

Crazy daddy
It's hard to see but Brayden is watching the live music up close. He was so cute; he started dancing and then when they were done with their song he started clapping and saying YEAH. Everybody in the cafe thought this was very cute.
Scary daddy.

Big foot sighting.

This was at the mall in Johnson city.... LAME mall!!!! Although it has this cool tramp thing. Brayden saw another little boy doing it and said he wanted to do it too. He got up really high, it was so cool and he had such a good time doing it. Even though it was $6 for 2 min... rip off.


the Getschers said...

Holy moly! You guys just barely moved and it seems like you've been so busy already! How fun!! And cute house too!

Middleton Family said...

I am so impressed that Brayden did that. I think Nathan would have freaked out. It looks like he liked it! We need to make plans for as soon as you get back because we will be leaving not to long after that.

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