Thursday, September 11, 2008

A day at the farm...

We spent the morning at this neat farm in Bristol, TN. Afterward we had this really nice pinic lunch near a park and a creek. We got to see and pet lots of animals; duck, hen, rabit, goose, dog, horse, goat. Brayden got to feed the goat crackers and he even got to ride on the horse around the frontyard of the old farmhouse unfortunately I don't have that picture, my hands were too full feeding Alex but fortunately a friend got a picture of it so hopefully I'll get that and post it here soon. He was so brave with all the animals and had no problem getting up on that horse, he looked so cute up there.
A view from the farm

This is the very nice woman Miss Clara that gave us a tour
of her farm. Her family has been on this farm for 8 generations!!!
Here she's holding a very pretty rooster he's not quite full
grown yet. Oh and by the way we have this little farm
right behind our house and they have a rooster so we have
the pleasure of hearing him all hours of the day.

Here is Brayden picking potatoes! He had so much fun doing
this I think it was his favorite part of our farm outing.

Miss Clara showing us the goose. Brayden got to pet his "angel wing."

Oh our way home from the farm. Somebody was worn out the by the outing.

Can you guess who?


gramma said...

She is such a little chubbily, with fuz for hair.

gramma said...

Enough of the crazy birds. I wanta see more of the Binky girl.

gramma said...

Enough of that Farm.

gramma said...

All an all Brayden looks as though He's enjoying the Farm.

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