Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nice View

Just a couple of views from our new home in TN. (Just to clarify you can't actually see this view when your at our house, I wish. But this is what it looks like here when your just driving around town. Cool huh?) I must say though the pictures don't really do it justice.

Oh this one is for you Kurt. The Bristol Motor Speedway.


Kim said...

I must admitt that I love TN!! It looks like you have an amazing view in your area. I have been to TN a few times, (Nashville and Memphis) and I loved it. The people are way nice and I like that life moves a little slower down there. I have family that live in the Nashville area (my sister). Well hope you are enjoying life and making lots of friends. We sure do miss you guys, the 4th of July isn't the same without you .

gramma said...

Love the picture of that building!!!

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