Saturday, September 20, 2008

Random Recent Pictures

We were out at the park with out playgroup, monkey is hang'n with all the other kids her age sharing her toys and her picnic blanket. We are so glad we are making friends here.

Monkey's wearing her brothers hamy down Halloween pajamas. I was just taking pictures messing around with the different settings on my new camera. "Say CHEESE"

I had to add this one just cause she was making such a cute poutie face. She doesn't wear this face too often because she usually such a happy, smiley girl.

The monkey girls very first teething biscuit... see how she examines it.

She's so obsessed with her toes.

Brayden is so obsessed with Target popcorn. It was actually pretty hilarious he was asleep and wouldn't let me take the bag away... then he reaches in a grabs a handful and eats it!!! All while he's asleep. Kids are so crazy sometimes.

There are those toes again.

"Hey let me see those Transformer big boy underwears, soo cool."

"I'm a crasy nut" Yeah crasy that's how Brayden says it

He insisted on putting on this helmet!!!! It was a tight fit so he couldn't get it off himself and had to hold it up so he could see. Then he kept complaining how his arms hurt from holding it up, but I wouldn't let him take it off til I got a picture. Crasy guy!

Just some pictures of the kids room and their closet. We put this organizer in there last weekend and it has really helped out, making lot's more room for their stuff.


Middleton Family said...

Cute babies! I like the bows on Alex. I think they look cute on her. I really love the Bears helmet! You got to love our Chicago teams no matter where we live.

gramma said...

Her sitting on the floor in the two pictures, one in her room, the other, not sure where but I just want to scoop her up and never let her go. She is sooooooo darn CUTE
It kills me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenny said...

i love their room brigette- great job!

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