Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hang'n at Granma's

Granma lives right on a pond so there are lots of frogs around. This froggy happened to be hiding in granma garage so we captured it in a pop box and made it a home in this cooler. Brayden got a kick out of it. We called it Hippiety Hop. Before going to bed last night Brayden wanted to check on Hippiety Hop... but he was gone he must have hippiety hopped away.

What a happy girl.
Brayden insisted that he go for a ride on Granma bike.

Watchin the airplanes from Granma's back porch.
I was bribing Brayden to eat his lunch for every
bite he took he got to blow bubbles in my milk.
He loves these blue sunglasses from our wv buddy Sara.
Brayden watching his moving in the car on our way to
visit cousin Maria and her boys. He's very focused.
Punky Monkey... what a crazy, happy girl.

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Jenny said...

congrats on getting a house! It's crazy to see Alex sitting up---i love your nicknames for her and brayden, hilarious. Email us your new address, good luck un-packing this week.

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