Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tons of fun at Aunty Sandy's house

I got this slip'n slide for $5 this week, I figured since Brayden had so much fun in Kentucky on the slip'n slide we could use this in the backyard at our new house... since we actually have a backyard now, yeah!!!! But we took it over to Aunty Sandy's house so the kiddos could play on it together and they all had lot's of fun.

Cameron helped Brayden out sliding down the slip'n slide!!!

Aunty Sandy, Alex and Natasha

Natasha and Bub
Somebody was wore out for all this fun!!!!

The punky monkey got this little lambikins from her granny, here she is havin some fun with Cameron, he loved holding her.

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Middleton Family said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Nathan and Brayden would have a great time at that waterpark together. To bad our timing keeps missing each other. I like Alex's dress. We will have to bring the dresses if we can get together. I can't believe Sandy's kids they are getting so grown up!

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