Friday, July 11, 2008

Water park day 1, brave'n it alone

Magic Waters Water Park; Rockford, Illinois

As you can see this stroller is a big hit. Brayden would rather hang back there than play in the kiddie pool. We had lot's of fun though. It was a little nerve racking going there by myself with two kids but we made out okay. We'll be able to do more stuff next time when grandma or uncle Kurtie goes with us. We're looking forward to that. Grandma bought us all season passes so we'll be hang'n out there alot, not to mention the fact that it's brutally hot an humid so it's a perfect place to hang out! Next time I'll actually have pictures of the waterpark when I have more assistance, so stay tuned.

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Middleton Family said...

Hey Brig, remember awhile ago we were talking and you were telling me about that carrier you got. Your friend had it at the library. What was the name of that and do you still recommend it? Jay's sister is having her second baby next week and her other baby is just over 1 years old so Misse could definetly use something like that.

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